Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gym bag gift

I know I've posted our gym bag before, but something has changed! Since we're becoming very eco friendly around here... we've decided to help you reduce your carbon footprint and will now make our gym bags to custom fit reusable water bottles at no extra charge! Just tell us the diameter of your bottle at its largest point in the "special instructions" box at checkout... now you can be chic and earth friendly at the gym!

Messy Mat Crazy!

It's Wednesday afternoon and I finally have time sit down and blog about recent orders! Our Messy Mats are flying of the virtual shelves... here's a picture of a wholesale order I received a week ago - it's not even finished, I still have four more mats to add to that! Thanks to our resellers who bring our products to the masses! Check out our Ooh La Links page to visit them, and some of our other favorite sites. To find out what in the world a Messy Mat is, click this link to it on our website